Wake up with Al (and some cows) in Tennessee

Al met this cow with a familiar name: 'Baby Savnnah wants her bottle' he wrote on Instagram.

Al was tasked with more than just the weather this morning, taking on new tasks like milking and feeding cows, bottling milk, and placating some hungry sheep. It was the first stop on his new "Wake Up With Al" series that will take him on the road and into viewers' homes.

Al with Jennifer Hatcher Yoest and Chuck Yoest in College Grove, Tenn. Jennifer is the farm vet and Sharon's daughter. These calves get 2 bottles a day.

Al was working way, way off-site in College Grove, Tennessee at the Hatcher Family Farm, where he went all "Green Acres" and got to work in the creamery, tweeting several pictures of his new side gig as a dairy farmer. There, he met some livestock with familiar names, like "Al" and "Matt."

The Hatcher farm in College Grove, Tenn.

"They're big TODAY show fans," he explained, helping to feed a hungry calf named Savannah.

Al got down to the music of 'Pork and Beans.'

Al also grooved to the music of a band called Pork and Beans from the nearby city of Nashville and hung out with the extended Hatcher family, whom he quizzed about chocolate milk (which does not, in fact, come from "brown cows.")

Al says goodbye with Charles hatchet