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Exclusive: Twitter CEO Dick Costolo reveals who he wishes was on Twitter

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By Ian Sager

In an exclusive interview airing Friday on TODAY, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo reveals to Matt Lauer who he'd like to see on the social network.

"I would say it's the collection of female comedians. Melissa McCarthy, it's Tina Fey, it's Amy Poehler."  

Costolo, who used to frequent the Windy City's comedy scene, revealed the names during an exclusive interview with Lauer, his first sit-down interview since Twitter went public.

"I should be able to use some of my pull from my Chicago improvisation days to get a few of 'em onto the platform — and I'll make that my goal," Costolo told Lauer.

The CEO also opens up about the power of his site, the cardinal sin of tweeting, and how it feels to be the oldest guy in the room at the fast-growing social network.