TODAY's winning streak by the numbers

TODAY's Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira on the plaza.

TODAY has officially been certified by Nielsen as the No. 1 morning show for the past 15 years.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout the years. Here are a few statistics we think you'll be interested in:  

TODAY has been No. 1 for 15 years -- or 5,475 days or 131,400 hours.

- “Welcome to TODAY” has been said approximately 3,900 times in the past 15 years

- “This is TODAY on NBC” – one of our signature phrases – has been said approximately 11,700 times in the past 15 years

We've had 2,453 cooking segments and 1,226 style segments. We’ve thrown 1,303 musical performances. We’ve featured 3,259 books. 10 couples have been married. And Matt has been to 44 locations during his popular “Where in the World” series. 

President Barack Obama has done 19 interviews. TODAY has also interviewed all four currently living former presidents:

- Jimmy Carter has appeared 35 times.

- George H.W. Bush has appeared 31 times

- Bill Clinton has appeared 52 times

- George W. Bush has appeared 18 times

TODAY has interviewed all of the best actress and best actor Academy Award winners from the past 15 years, with the exception of Jack Nicholson in 1997. 

Best Actress winners:

2009: Sandra Bullock

2008: Kate Winslet

2007: Marion Cotillard

2006: Helen Mirren

2005: Reese Witherspoon

2004: Hilary Swank

2003: Charlize Theron

2002: Nicole Kidman

2001: Halle Berry

2000: Julia Roberts

1999: Hilary Swank

1998: Gwyneth Paltrow

1997: Helen Hunt

1996: Frances McDormand

1995: Susan Sarandon

Best Actor winners:

2009: Jeff Bridges

2008: Sean Penn

2007: Daniel Day-Lewis

2006: Forest Whitaker

2005: Philip Seymour Hoffman

2004: Jamie Foxx

2003: Sean Penn

2002: Adrien Brody

2001: Denzel Washington

2000: Russell Crowe

1999: Kevin Spacey

1998: Roberto Benigni

1996: Geoffrey Rush

1995: Nicolas Cage

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