TODAY's Takeaway: Tweens weep, wail over One Direction

Kerrigan speaks out and One Direction makes girls weep on the plaza.

No, One Direction: You light up OUR world.

The boy band drew a crowd of more than 18,000 screaming, squealing and sobbing fans to Rockefeller Plaza – plus two more city blocks – this morning.

After singing three of their hit songs, the heartthrobs sat down with Matt and Savannah to talk engagement, movie and… pregnancy?

Also on the show this morning, Nancy Kerrigan spoke about her brother’s incarceration and the infamous attack that almost kept her from the 1994 Winter Olympics.

“Watching anything horrific, it’s disturbing to see anybody in pain,’’ she told Matt of the incident. “To think it’s me…It’s a lifetime ago.”

Chelsea Manning, the soldier formerly known as Bradley, hopes to get married and have a family, her lawyer, David Coombs, told TODAY.

Manning, who revealed in a statement to TODAY on Thursday that she is female and wants to begin hormone therapy, started her 35-year sentence in military prison today.

Ben Affleck was just announced as the new Batman, which basically broke the Internet. The star will put on the bat suit for Warner Bros.’ “Man of Steel” sequel, which pits Batman and Superman against each other.

What do you think of the casting news?

Big news: Ben Affleck's the next Batman.

Were you a geeky, self-conscious teen who mean kids loved to torment? So were these super cool adults. They're proof: It gets better.

Merilee Allred, the first person to post a photo on the Awkward Years Project, holds a picture of herself when she was 11.

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