TODAY's Takeaway: Tornado victim looks ahead, Favre talks football 'toll'

Tornado victim Scott Gundy talks about the devastation, Bree McMahon gets back on the field and Brett Favre looks back on a 20-year career.

1. Scott Gundy’s house was destroyed in tornadoes that swept through the Midwest Sunday, and now he and his neighbors are looking to the recovery task ahead.

"I don’t know what we’re going to do," Gundy told Matt in an emotional interview. "I found pieces of my house 100 yards northeast of me. We’ll be looking for bits and pieces today."

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Tornado victim: ‘I don’t know what we’re going to do’

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Tornado victim: ‘I don’t know what we’re going to do’

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2. NFL legend Brett Favre confessed to Matt that he often can’t remember words as a result of the hits he took during his 20-year career – in which he was sacked 525 times, more than any quarterback in NFL history.

“The toll has got to be pretty high,” he said.

3. Clint Hill, Jackie Kennedy’s Secret Service agent on the day President Kennedy was assassinated, told Savannah he will never forget the image of the first lady holding her husband’s shattered head in her lap.

“Fifty years and I still have that image in my mind,” he told Savannah. “It’s one thing I’ll never quit myself of, but I have come to terms with it and it’s the best I can do."

4. When a friend accidentally hit her with a car in 2009, Bree McMahon’s life changed forever. But the 21-year-old, who lost her left leg in the accident, has defied naysayers since by accepting a promised scholarship and continuing to play soccer at college.

“I knew what I wanted, and I was gonna chase after it with everything I had,” she told Jenna Bush Hager.

5. Vine superstar Logan Paul took over TODAY’s account this morning, and gave our own Viner (Mr. Al Roker) a run for his money. Check out the highlights:

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