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TODAY's Takeaway: Time picks the pope, Mariah brings us home for the holidays

Mariah brings TODAY home for the holidays, Antwain Alexander wins an Orange Room Award and Time picks the pope as its Person of the Year.

1. Time magazine’s managing editor Nancy Gibbs announced on TODAY the magazine’s pick for 2013 Person of the Year: Pope Francis.

He stood out "as someone who has changed the tone and perception and focus of one of the world's largest institutions in an extraordinary way," she told Matt.

If you think it’s too soon in the pope’s career, here are 5 photos that show he’s already an icon.

2. Tamron got a rare peek into the decked-out home of singing sensation Mariah Carey this morning. The two ladies chatted in Mariah’s pink room (just like our Orange Room!) under a Christmas tree decorated with pink peonies.

"They're just live flowers; you can smell them!" Carey said. "We did them because it matches the room."

3. The family of Robert Cameron Redus, the Texas college student who was shot and killed by a university police officer last week, spoke out for the first time.

“To think that he would have attacked someone just is beyond anything that I can fathom,’’ his brother, Kris Redus, told TODAY. “That's just not consistent with the Cameron that we knew.”

4. And the Orange Room Award for best digital dance-off goes to… Detroit Pistons usher Shannon Sailes and 11-year-old fan Antwain Alexander.

After the duo accepted the award, they had a dance-off in Studio 1A (amazing) and Shannon made sure Alexander took home the trophy (even more amazing).

"Your family did real good with you. You're an inspiration to me, all the kids your age and adults. I admire you," he said.

And that’s TODAY’s Takeaway!