TODAY's Takeaway: Teen recalls dad's sacrifice, Underwood talks 'Sound of Music'

Jenna Bush Hager calls the former First Dog a jerk, Gracie Johnson remembers her dad as a hero, and Carrie Underwood predicts someone will fall on "The Sound of Music Live!"

1. Gracie Johnson, who lost her parents and three other family members in a rockslide in September, told Savannah she’s healing. And that she’ll never forget her father’s bravery.

“I did cover myself, but I was just standing in the open,’’ the 13-year-old said. “He did push me to a rock that was bigger than I was, and he just saved me.”

2. Tonight Carrie Underwood will sing from the hills of Austria (on a soundstage in Long Island) when she plays Maria in "The Sound of Music Live!" Natalie caught up with the country star as she rehearsed.

"I'm not worried about mistakes because I know they'll happen," Carrie said. "Somebody's going to trip or something coming down the stairs — hopefully not fall down the stairs."

3. Yesterday Sunny Obama made news when he knocked over a 2-year-old who was visiting the White House. But Jenna Bush Hager says that’s nothing — the former first dog, Barney, was “a real jerk.”

"He was a little temperamental," she revealed to Willie and Al. "I feel bad saying that, but he didn’t like strangers.”

4. Are you getting enough sleep? Chances are you (like Willie and Jenna) are not.

5. Matt pointed out to John Goodman, who stars in the Coen brothers' latest movie, "Inside Llewyn Davis," that it’s his "indefinable aura" that makes him lovable even when he's playing "revolting people."

"Which is about the nicest thing you can say about anybody," Matt explained.

And that’s TODAY’s Takeaway!