TODAY's Takeaway: Skydivers will jump again, Michelle Knight reflects on captivity

Pilot Blake Wedan recalls his landing, two-plane collision leaves skydivers free-falling and Michelle Knight talks about her 11-year captivity.

1. The nine skydivers who survived a harrowing two-plane crash caught on camera told Matt the disaster hasn’t deterred them: They’ll jump again.

The footage of the collision, licensed exclusively by NBC News, shows the jumpers landing on the ground, one by one, shaken and emotional but uninjured, and hopping into a truck to gather up the others.

"It's kind of a joke now, but it was actually one of my better landings," pilot Blake Wedan said.

2. It took years and thousands of dollars, and Rick and Therese Meyer nearly lost hope of ever adopting. Then they got the call they’d been waiting for: a baby was theirs. The couple talked about their journey as part of this week’s “Choosing Adoption” series.

“To be able to raise a child as your own, watch him do everything for the first time,” Rick said. “I mean, that’s what it’s all about.”

3. Cleveland kidnapping victim Michelle Knight shared dark details with Dr. Phil McGraw about her 11 years at the hands of Ariel Castro.

“He was obsessed with prostitutes and also he thought I was a 13-year-old prostitute,” she said. “When he found out my real age he got mad.”

4. The man behind the “Marriage Isn’t for You” posttold he was completely surprised when the unconventional love letter went viral.

“Writing this post was the capstone of everything I’d been learning,” Seth Adam Smith said. “Hopefully someone going through a similar experience ... will be able to turn around their relationship. That was my hope.”

Seth Adam Smith was inspired to write his post after a fight with his wife led the couple to a breakthrough.

5. Tony Robbins gave away more than just books during his visit this morning to the Orange Room — he also doled out life advice to Twitter users in a chat. Check it out.

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