TODAY's Takeaway: Savannah overshares; Billy Crystal brings '700 Sundays' to TV

Witnesses describe hearing Everest avalanche, Savannah already overshares and Billy Crystal brings "700 Sundays" to television.

1. Savannah admitted to oversharing pregnancy details in the second installment of her baby blog, “Savannah’s Maternity Musings.” For example:

“It takes very little provocation for me to show my ultrasound pic — not just to close friends, or my mom (who is legally required to adore it) — but also friends or colleagues at work who show even the tiniest trace of interest.”

2. Billy Crystal is bringing his Tony Award-winning show "700 Sundays" to television. He told Matt that the title of his show refers to the number of Sundays he had with his dad before losing him to a heart attack.

"That's sort of the strength of the show," Crystal said. "(It's) at the end, when I come to grips with that and say, 'Yeah, it wasn't a lot, but look what I got in the short period of time that we were together.'"

3. NBC’s Jonathan Fierro and Ed Wardle were working on a project on Mount Everest when a deadly avalanche hit Friday morning. They said the tragedy occurred at the beginning of the busiest season.

4. Natalie told Willie and Tamron that music (and carbs!) will help her finish the Boston Marathon on Monday. On her marathon playlist: Coldplay, The Killers and more.

5. Have you tried an elimination diet? Dr. Mark Hyman discussed the latest dieting craze — in which individuals stop consuming substances like as glucose or caffeine — and its positive effects.

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Doctor: 'Elimination' diet a quick fix for a better body

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Doctor: 'Elimination' diet a quick fix for a better body

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