TODAY's Takeaway: 'Princeton Mom' says mate, don't wait; Miles O'Brien talks life after amputation

"Princeton Mom" asserts "it's all on women" to find husbands, NBC News exposes war's impact on Syria's children and Miles O'Brien finds his accident "mind-boggling."

1. Reporter Miles O’Brien lost much of his left arm last month after a seemingly minor injury suddenly put his life in jeopardy.

“When I think of all the risky things I’ve done in my life — jumping out of airplanes, flying little airplanes, scuba diving — the fact that a heavy equipment case could take my arm is mind-boggling,” he told Savannah. The PBS correspondent said that returning to work after his accident, in time to report on the anniversary of the Japanese earthquake, proved to be "a pretty good tonic."

2. To mark the third anniversary of Syria's war, NBC News has devoted 48 hours to exposing the impact of the humanitarian crisis on its most innocent victims — the country's children and infants. Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #SyriasChildren.

3. Susan Patton, aka the “Princeton Mom,” is back with more controversial advice for women in her new book “Marry Smart.” Her guidance includes the tips that college is the best time for women to find an eligible mate, and that high schoolers should consider plastic surgery.

Her comments have sparked strong reactions — and we want to hear yours. Tell us what you think about Susan Patton's advice on Facebook.

For a different take, check out what Jacoba Urist (who met her hubby in college) had to say on “Not so fast, ‘Princeton Mom.’”

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‘Princeton Mom’: Work will wait, fertility won’t

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‘Princeton Mom’: Work will wait, fertility won’t

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4. Would you wear a $99 wedding dress? The majority of TODAY fans would.

Tune in tomorrow on TODAY as Jerry Sandusky’s wife, Dottie, speaks to Matt in her first-ever television interview.

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