TODAY's Takeaway: Powerball pay day, William talks George 

Will Seeley opts for the woods, Will talks George and Natalie inspires middle siblings everywhere.

1. Will Seeley, the hilarious “Ocean’s 16” Powerball winner, stopped by Studio 1A to chat with Matt about his $3.8 million pay check. After pseudo-joking about quitting his job (“I just might disappear into the woods and hunt and fish every day”), he revealed that he’s going to use the money to help his cancer-stricken father.

“I just told him, ‘You don’t have to worry about nothing financially except getting healthy and beating cancer,’” Seeley told Matt.

2. Jeff Rossen reported that a Michigan doctor has been telling his patients they have cancer, even when they don't, and then prescribing chemotherapy as part of an alleged $35 million Medicare fraud.

3. The late-night-in-the-morning fun continues! Jimmy Fallon admitted to Savannah that he’s a bit anxious about replacing Jay Leno next year.

"It's a little nerve-wracking but exciting to step into his shoes,” he said. "I hope I make him proud."

4. Prince William spoke officially Wednesday for the first time since his son’s birth.

“He’s pretty loud and, of course, extremely good-looking,” William joked about 3-week-old George.

William also held a falcon, inspiring us to create an amazing slideshow featuring royals with animals. Yes, Harry’s in there. In overalls. With a pony.

5. Remember when Natalie told millions of viewers that her sister tricked her into drinking pee when she was a kid? Well, that inspired a bevy of horrible and hysterical sibling horror stories from fans on Twitter and Facebook.

Tomorrow on TODAY: We'll meet Natalie, Al and Willie’s siblings!

And that's TODAY's Takeaway!