TODAY's Takeaway: Multitasking dad's selfie, Bradley Cooper's bromance 

Multitasking dad impress the TODAY men, Tom Arnold talks weight loss and Bradley Cooper bromances it up with Willie.

1. The Golden Globes are Sunday night, and the predictions are rolling in. Like, will Bradley Cooper win an award for his acting – and tight curls – in “American Hustle”?

But first, his bromance continued with Willie Geist, who powered through giggles to ask him about the upcoming awards.

2. Doyin Richards, the Los Angeles dad whose multitasking selfie went viral this week, stopped by Studio 1A to talk about how the photo came to be, and had a few laughs with the TODAY men.

“Thanks for setting the bar so high,” Carson joked. “Now when we can’t do something, our wives will just say, 'Well, Doyin does it!”

3. Savannah was in Los Angeles this morning ahead of the Globes, and got the chance to sit down with a 90-pound-lighter Tom Arnold. The funnyman said he was motivated to lose weigh by his son’s birth.

“It’s the first relationship I’ve ever had that I go, ‘Yeah, this is permanent,’” he told Savannah. “My son is permanent, so I’ve got to do everything I can for him forever.”

4. One dad’s comic responses to a questionnaire his daughter’s daycare sent home cracked our anchors up. Like how he responded for his 11-month-old about her interests: “food as art/clothing” and “firmly gripping dog’s hair.”

And that’s TODAY’s Takeaway!