TODAY's Takeaway: Mrs. Roker lies, Warren Buffett wails on the ukulele 

Al chats about his mother's lies, Nevada middle-schooler Jose Cazares recounts Monday's shooting and Warren Buffett plays the ukulele.

1. Jose Cazares, a witness to Monday’s Nevada middle school shooting, told Matt he’s “forever grateful” for Mike Landsberry, the math teacher who was shot and killed.  

“He sacrificed his life to take our kids into safety,” Jose’s mom, Marisela, said. “I thank him for that. He's a true hero."

2. What’s the craziest lie your parents told you — or you’ve told your kids?

Natalie confessed she tells her sons their teeth will fall out if they don’t eat their vegetables. When he was a kid, Al’s mom warned him if he ate one more piece of chocolate, he’d turn into one. He did it anyway, but lost a lot of sleep when he panicked over waking up as a giant piece of candy!

3. Warren Buffett, his son and his grandson discussed their new book, “40 Chances,” and talked about the limited number of opportunities we all have to do good in the world.

Then Warren took a break in the Orange Room — to play the ukulele.

4. The legendary Julie Andrews enchanted one of her biggest fans (Matt) this morning, and offered encouraging messages to up-and-coming actors. When Matt asked her about playing such major roles in cinematic history, the actress responded graciously.

“Do you know how lucky I am?” she asked. “I know it.”

5. Apparently Kim Kardashian will change her outfit if her as-of-last-night fiancé, Kanye West, doesn’t like it. Kathie Lee and Hoda offered their take on the reality show star’s reveal. Then Kathie Lee told a story about her hubby Frank that made the whole studio gasp.

Never comment on a woman’s pasta decisions, Frank!

And that’s TODAY’s Takeaway!