TODAY's Takeaway: Mika reveals weight, anchors' sibling rivalries

From anchors' sibling rivalries to Mika Brzezinski's weight revelation, take a look at what was talked about on TODAY Thursday.

1. Kidnapping survivor Hannah Anderson’s apparent decision to log onto a social media site and share her experience just two days after her abduction surprised many. Some questioned her alleged actions, but mental health experts told that her behavior is not unusual.

“Some of it is a way of convincing yourself it really happened,” psychologist Jaine Darwin said. 

2. Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski tweeted her weight Monday night, causing a bit of a stir on the Internet. She later encouraged her followers to join in on the weight reveal by tweeting their numbers as well. 

Willie Geist and Al Roker tried to get Natalie Morales to share her number on TODAY, but she politely ignored the request. “You’re not going to get it out of me,” she joked.

After more prompting from Willie and Al, she firmly said, “To me, the number on a scale means nothing, as long as you’re healthy and you’re strong.”

Would you publicly reveal your weight? Tell us here.

3. Kids these days: The latest tween (and teen) trend is Rainbow Loom bracelets made from crocheted, multi-colored rubber bands. The product’s inventor Choon Ng has already sold one million kits, and the company’s YouTube videos have so far received 3.6 million views.  

“My daughters started doing this, making bracelets about three years ago. I saw them making the bracelets, so I wanted to learn from them,” Ng told TODAY. 

4. Natalie Morales shared her sibling rivalry story on TODAY Tuesday, so the siblings of Willie Geist and Al Roker decided to regale us with their own tales of sibling mischief. Apparently a 10-year-old Willie made his little sister, Libby Wildes, watch a traumatic movie at the tender age of 5.

“(Willie) made me watch 'Friday the 13th,' where Jason murders a lot of people in the woods. It’s really, really disgusting and horrible. I was obviously traumatized,” she said on TODAY. 

5. Want a new way of looking at (and eating) a bagel? Bantam Bagels, a new shop opening in New York’s West Village, will serve “Bantams," or bagel holes, which look an awful lot like doughnut holes but are filled with anything from plain cream cheese to cheddar Dijon cream cheese.

Perfect for the calorie-conscious, the holes will satisfy your bagel craving without impacting your waist line — unless you can't stop eating them.

Rebecca Davis / Today
A variety of Bantam's "bagel holes" on the TODAY set.

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