TODAY's Takeaway: Girl's donation inspires, Stamos ignites bromance 

Jill offers great Steals & Deals, little girl inspires TODAY and John Stamos turns 50.

1. Jordyn Self, 10, inspired the entire TODAY family this morning when she explained her simple act of goodwill: giving up the coveted American Girl doll she wanted for Christmas to raise money for U.S. troops.

"Why wouldn't it be important?" she asked the anchors. "They don't get stuff that we get every day."

2. Is there a TODAY bromance brewing?

It sure seemed like it this morning when Matt interviewed John Stamos. After some beard-rubbing and a few compliments during a segment about staying sexy after 50, the now-50-year-old actor asked Matt, “Should we make out?”

3. Jeff Rossen launched a hidden-camera investigation to see how auto shops charged for simple fixes like tire air pressure – and the results were surprisingly wonderful.

4. Holy nostalgia, Batman!

Matt drove a classic replica of the Batmobile featured in the iconic 1960s “Batman” television show onto the plaza this morning, and it was awesome.

5. Inspired by a Vine by Al, the campaign to get Vice President Joe Biden to guest co-host TODAY continued this morning. How bad do you want the Veep to host? Tweet #OrangeRoom to let us know.

6. Jill Martin offered fantastic holiday gift ideas on today’s Steals & Deals. Pomegranate body wash and bracelets for the stockings… check!

And that’s TODAY’s Takeaway!