TODAY's Takeaway: Dad's Daisy Dukes and more

Natalie feels on some pricey toilet paper, a 12-year-old designer makes us all feel unaccomplished and a dad gets sweet revenge in some sassy shorts.

1. Daddy’s got legs, and he knows how to use ‘em! Utah dad Scott Mackintosh wanted to teach his daughter a lesson, since she was constantly rocking teeny-tiny shorts. So he wore some crotch-high cut-offs and strutted his stuff during a family night out on the town to turn the tables on her.

Turns out, she was pretty embarrassed by the whole thing — but not embarrassed enough to post photos of his get-up on social media. Of course, they went viral.

No word on whether his daughter has locked up her Daisy Dukes, however.

“There was no ‘Dad, I get it’ or ‘Dad, you’re the best … thanks for that awesome lesson,” he said.

2. A flight for the price a cup of coffee? Sign us up! A glitch in United Airlines’ computer system allowed customers to buy hundreds, even thousands, of dollars worth of airline tickets zero dollar fares (and just a couple bucks for fees). The glitch lasted for 15 minutes, and it’s unclear as of now whether United will honor the tickets it sold during that time.

“Given that they have had windfall profits with all these fees, I think, cause it was their screw-up, they need to honor those tickets,” said Al Roker.

3. Natalie, Willie and Al get the luxurious feel of the world’s most expensive toilet paper –which sells for $13 to $17 a roll.

The Japanese company that makes the toilet paper claims it comes from pulp from the finest wood is made with spring water — and they’re also aesthetically pleasing. The beautifully decorated rolls even feature Japanese poetry. Willie couldn’t resist a mocking poetry read while Al got that dreamy look in his eyes (while he sniffed like something was stank).

“You know who loves this stuff?” quipped Al. “Bruce Jenner”

Natalie took the opportunity to show off the one-ply sandpaper “prison toilet paper” we use in 30 Rock.

4. Is there trouble in pretty pageantland? The current Miss New York, Nina Davuluri, is being accused of making some scathing comments on the reigning Miss America's weight, call her “fat.” She, her reps and the Miss America pageant deny the claims. She tells that her platform is actually about promoting healthy eating and realistic beauty standards, and she opens up about her own struggles with bulimia.

5. Meet the 12-year-old clothing designer who makes us feel really old and unaccomplished (did we mention she’s in college)? And she started painting at 3 years old, and sells her work to a private dealer. Chill with the overachieving, please!

6. And in case you didn’t see it, TODAY has a snazzy new sunrise-inspired logo!