TODAY's Takeaway: Brad Pitt, Boston Marathon victims, sheriff on a mission

TODAY's highlights: Boston Marathon victim Celeste Corcoran, actor Brad Pitt and Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

1. Was it a fair punishment? The suspension of a star high school volleyball player in Massachusetts for what she says was simply helping a friend by serving as a designated driver has sparked an outcry on social media.

Now, the family of Erin Cox, 17, is considering a lawsuit against the school. 

2. Did one mom go a little too far? Professional fitness trainer Maria Kang is being attacked for a photo of her posing in revealing workout clothes with her three sons in hopes of motivating other parents to make time to be healthy.

"I'm not saying what she did is right or wrong," said Kathie Lee. "I'm saying the reason people immediately have that type of response is because it's got a grain of truth to what she's saying. How many of us make excuses for lots of bad behavior, and yet we're offended when someone says 'why not?'"

3. A real inspiration: Six months after the Boston Marathon bombing, daughter and mom Sydney and Celeste Corcoran are working together to recover from the injuries they sustained in the attack.

4. After investigating the suicide of a 12-year-old girl for nearly a month, a Florida sheriff was so outraged by a remorseless Facebook post on Saturday that he arrested a pair of teenage girls in connection with the case.

“That was a post she put on Facebook, and that post said, ‘I know Rebecca is dead, and I don’t care,’" said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. "The words were much more graphic than that, or the letters were. So we looked at that and said, ‘She doesn’t get this at all.'''

5. Someone certainly isn’t looking their age. Brad Pitt, soon turning 50, talked to Ann Curry about the milestone birthday and his new acclaimed film, “Twelve Years a Slave.”

"I have no complaints," Pitt said about his upcoming big day. "We'll see when I get a little (closer). I'm busy right now, so I haven't thought about it."

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