TODAY's Takeaway: Boston Marathon victim finds 'new normal'; KISS to hire vets 

Natalie runs with Boston Marathon victim Celeste Corcoran, Jonathan Gutierrez recounts the California bus crash and KISS makes a big announcement on the plaza.

1. Celeste Corcoran, one of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, told Natalie, “Every single day since April 15 has been a post-marathon day. We're trying to find our new normal,”

Natalie will join Celeste’s sister, Carmen, on April 21 to run this year’s race.

“This time is going to be different, I think, because of the emotions,” Natalie told the anchors. “I think as I'm running, I'm going to be thinking about how far everybody's come just in the last year.”

2. Jonathan Gutierrez, one of the survivors in California's college tour bus crash, described the accident to Savannah.

“There was an emergency exit but there were too many people in the bus trying to get out, so students that were there broke the windows, and that helped a lot of us get out safely — not safely, but get out of the bus," he said.

3. Legendary rockers KISS made a big announcement on the plaza: They're looking to hire two veterans as roadies to work their 2014 Heroes Tour.

"People have to realize that the freedoms and the liberties that we enjoy here, we take for granted,'' lead singer Paul Stanley told Matt. “We owe them everything, so if we can hire a few of them, just to bring attention to the fact that we owe them everything.”

4. Cartoonist Lincoln Peirce joined the anchors to set the final (and longest) record in this week’s Spring Breakers TODAY series: “Longest Cartoon Strip by a Team.”

The panels snaked around Rockefeller Plaza (including the rink!) and measured 3,920 feet.

5. Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler, spoke about their foundation, the Rainforest Fund, and how “exciting and frightening” it is to bring a show to Broadway.

And that’s TODAY’s Takeaway!