TODAY's Takeaway: Al celebrates 59 with bacon, Kate's dress sells out

Baby George naps, Al celebrates 59 and Pat Knisley inspires thousands.

1. It’s Al’s birthday! Our favorite early-morning Viner (well, sometimes) celebrated 59 today with bacon, bubble wrap and blue Speedos.

Send your birthday wishes through Twitter using the hashtag #RokerBDay.

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Al gets bubble wrap and bacon for his birthday

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Al gets bubble wrap and bacon for his birthday

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2. Get ready to get your read on! The TODAY Book Club launched today, giving book lovers a chance to share their literary insights with featured authors, TODAY anchors and fans. First up: “The Bone Season” by 21-year-old Samantha Shannon.

3. Despite a 20-year battle with multiple sclerosis and the recent loss of her husband, Pat Knisley continues to teach children to swim. She’s taught thousands of kids in New Bern, N.C., to stay above water – in the pool and in life.

4. Prince George is adorable. Duchess Kate and Prince William posed with the little royal bundle in the first photos released since he was born almost a month ago.

Inspired by his newborn awesomeness, we asked TODAY fans to send photos of their own princes and princesses. Turn up the AC, ‘cause you’re bound to melt.  

Also, that fuchsia dress Kate’s wearing in the family portrait? You can’t have it. It sold out two hours after the photo debuted.

5. Could the worker you allow into your home be a felon? Jeff Rossen reports on a disturbing reality — that there are no federal laws requiring background checks for service workers — and speaks to a woman whose 4-year-old was menaced by a repairman in their home.

And that's TODAY's Takeaway!