TODAY's Takeaway: 9/11 hero remembers, jackpot couple chat 

What you missed TODAY: Firefighter mourns and celebrates on 9/11, "jackpot" couple discuss viral video and Jenna adjusts to motherhood.

1. For New York City firefighter John Morabito, 9/11 is a day to mourn — and to celebrate life. He sat down with Matt and Savannah in an emotional interview to talk about what the day means to him 12 years later.

“It’s an opportunity to rejoice. To be able to be here,” he said. “Everyday things. You get a parking ticket. Babies are crying. Hurricane Sandy. I get to experience it.”

To commemorate the anniversary, Willie visited ground zero, offering viewers an inside look at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

2. Feminists, look the other way for just a sec. Sara Horn stopped by the Fourth Hour to talk to Kathie Lee and Hoda about how she devoted a year of her life to being a “submissive wife.”

It’s not what you think, she argued. Being Biblically submissive didn’t mean being a doormat; it meant becoming more selfless.

3. “I hit the jackpot!” Jason Mortensen, the adorable, drugged-out man who didn’t recognize his wife after a surgery last month, joked about the video that’s gone viral.

“Thank goodness she had the sense of mind to pull out the camera this time,” he told Matt and Savannah.

4. Rosalind Wiseman, the author of “Queen Bees and Wannabes,” the book that inspired “Mean Girls,” is out with a new book — this time about boys.

“The problem is we think everything is so simple with boys because they don’t tell us what’s going on,” she told Matt. “But underneath that is a huge amount of problems, complexities, feelings that they need to be able to get out.”

5. Jenna Wolfe is settling into motherhood with fascination and surprise. And while wonder of 3-week-old Harper continues to grow, Jenna wonders where the instruction manual is. She writes:

“We had to YouTube swaddling (she looks like Challah bread when it's done right) and breastfeeding (um... I didn't know these could grow this big!)...” Do you have advice for the new mom?

Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk with their daughter, Harper Estelle Wolfeld Gosk.

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