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'This is the TODAY Show!': Third-graders host their own broadcast

Charles Lawrence / Today
Peter Pan (played by Anthony Sevigny) chats with Matt Lauer (Nathen Zalisk) and Savannah Guthrie (Maylin McAteer) as Captain Hook (Matthew Leddy) looks on.

Step aside, Matt and Savannah. There are some new faces on the morning news show circuit, and they are adorable. 

Third-graders at Sarah Dyer Barnes Elementary School in Johnston, R.I., recently put together their own mock TODAY broadcast as part of an extensive class project. The show featured Matt and Savannah impersonators, other top-notch talent and one very famous fairy.

Charles Lawrence / Today
Debra Sgambato's third-grade pupils get ready to present their version of TODAY.

According to the Johnston Sun Rise newspaper, the broadcast was a part of a three-month program designed to help students strengthen their listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.

Teacher Debra Sgambato’s third-graders spent 12 weeks studying the popular story of Peter Pan, writing papers about the childhood tale and discussing its story action and character development. 

Charles Lawrence / Today
The character of Wendy, played by Ava Melo, is interviewed by Matt Lauer (Nathen Zalisk) and Savannah Guthrie (Maylin McAteer).

Then, with two third-graders channeling Savannah and Matt at the anchor desk, the classroom put on a broadcast with live interviews featuring Wendy, Peter Pan, Captain Hook and even Tinker Bell, all played by fellow classmates. Several students even pitched in as announcers, technicians and greeters.

The show went live to a classroom of giddy parents and a very proud teacher. Next stop: Studio 1A!