TODAY fans get anchor treatment with surprise backstage makeovers

On Wednesday, Hoda Kotb took two TODAY fans behind-the-scenes action to give them a little taste of the makeover magic she and the rest of the anchors get every day in the hair and makeup room.

Jenni and Brennan from South Carolina, who made sure Hoda noticed them by decking themselves out in Christmas lights on the plaza, got a backstage tour of the room where the TODAY glam magic happens.

"Nine miracles a day happen in here," Hoda joked.


There they found Mary Kahler and Laura Castorino, two of the women on TODAY's makeup and hair team, giving a few final touch-ups to Kathie Lee Gifford and the one and only Miss Piggy

Brandon Goodwin / Today

Then our special plaza fans got glammed up themelves.

Looking good ladies!

Brandon Goodwin / Today