Tamron to TODAY co-anchors: Bathing too often can be bad

Tamron Hall has put her TODAY anchors on notice: She's thinking about bathing a little less often.

During a discussion Friday about a Mother Nature Network article on whether daily showers are a necessity, Tamron posed the question, “Do we really need to scrub-a-dub-dub that often?”

Her answer was no, especially if you have dry skin like hers, and the article supports her position.

“People with skin issues notice that when they forgo daily baths, it eases up eczema and dry skin,” said Tamron, who revealed that her friends call her "Ashlee Simpson" because of her ashy, dry skin. “Frequent washing can even encourage your body to overproduce oil. You’re defeating the purpose of what our body does naturally.”

The writer of the Mother Nature Network article noted that she showers only three times a week during the winter. In the summer she showers daily, she said, but usually those are “just rinses in lukewarm water, sans soap.”

But Willie Geist said he couldn’t get away with that kind of schedule.

“When I wake up in the morning, I have to shower to wake up for one thing,” he said. He also will take another shower later in the day if he works out.

The same thing goes for fitness fanatic Natalie Morales. “I shower twice a day, almost every day,” she said.

Some dermatologists say it's not so much how often you shower, but how you do it that matters. But Tamron said the discussion made her wonder whether Americans generally tend to overdo it with their bathing.

“It got me to thinking about my favorite cartoon as a child, the sage known as Bugs Bunny. Bugs once said, ‘Saturday? Bath day!’ Remember that?” she said.

Al Roker acknowledged that he did, but he also pointed out that Bugs is a rabbit.

“He lives in a hole,” he said. "I don’t think I’d want to base my lifestyle or hygiene off of a rabbit.”

But Tamron said she likes the idea of bathing less frequently.

"I think I’m going to try it," she said, putting everyone on alert.

“Would you let us know when?" Al said, then quickly added: "Well, I guess we’ll probably know when."