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7 things we learned about Natalie Morales in live Facebook chat

Yes, she picks out her own wardrobe for the show. No, she won't deny her love for "We Built This City." 

Natalie Morales is a journalist, a mother, a marathon runner, a green-juice drinker, a royal baby lover — and so much more. We learned plenty more about the TODAY anchor during her live chat on TODAY's Facebook page on Thursday morning. Just like Savannah and Matt, Natalie took your questions and revealed some things you may not know about her. 

Natalie Morales participated in a live Facebook chat with TODAY viewers on Thursday morning.Samantha Okazaki / Today

1. The clothes she wears on the show are from her own closet. 

Q. Donna Johnson: You're always so 'Put Together.' Do you pick your daily wardrobe? 

A. Natalie Morales: Yes, and they are all my own clothes. No one styles me, but we have a great wardrobe department who make sure we always look wrinkle free and put together.

2. Her love for a cheesy Starship song will never die.

Q. Savannah Guthrie: Natalie, I love you and you're my favorite news anchor. But how can you like "We Built This City"?

A. Natalie Morales: I will defend it to my death. It brings back good memories of my teen years in Spain...and rocking out to the Starship! At least we share a love for "True" by Spandau Ballet in common. Oh and you are my favorite anchor...don't tell Matt! this forever out there??

"Hey, I thought I was your favorite anchor!" Willie Geist popped in on Natalie's live chat on Thursday.Today

3. Saving Benji was once a career plan. 

Q. Samantha Brakefield: Were you always drawn to journalism/communication? What were some of your other...if more than interests? 

A. Natalie Morales: When I was growing up I always wanted to be a veterinarian. I went to college thinking that was what I was going to do...but realized I wouldn't be able to stomach some of the hard moments and decisions that go into being a vet. So my second favorite thing, I always had a passion for news, current events, and travel. Having lived in Panama, Brazil and Spain as an AF (Air Force) brat I knew I needed a job that would let me see the world and make a difference. That led me right to journalism.

4. Her heart once belonged to a certain "man in motion." 

Q. Cynthia Wong: Who was your first celebrity crush?

A. Natalie Morales: Rob Lowe! Especially in "St. Elmo's Fire"! Loved that movie.

5. You might bump into her in the drug store buying makeup. 

Q. Lisa Bonini-Neider: What's your favorite makeup brands you like to use?

A. Natalie Morales: I'm really a drug store girl. Neutrogena, L'Oréal. Funny I used to work the makeup counter for Lancôme when I was in college so I do love their products too still. It was such a fun job though and taught me a lot about how to make people feel good about themselves and not just by applying makeup. Truth told, though, it's the first thing I take off when I get home and really I don't wear a lot of it.

During her live chat on Facebook, Natalie typed, "By the way, Facebook Fans, Mark McGrath is in the Orange Room with me as I type and he says Hi!"Today

6. Even when she's on vacation, she's working out. 

Q. Marcella Rietz: Do you run/workout while you are on vacation? For example, when you were in Universal in Orlando.

A. Natalie Morales: When on vacation I try to work out as well, but sometimes it's hard to squeeze it all in. I do find time, though, to try and do some push-ups, sit-ups, jump squats on days where I'm traveling and can't do my usual.

7. She makes a mean green juice drink. 

Q. Jane Rivenbank: What's your favorite green juice recipe?

A. Natalie Morales: I don't really follow a recipe, but I mix it up. Some basics I always use, spinach or kale as a base, frozen mango (gives it a nice iciness and creaminess, not to mention I love mangoes), coconut water, and I tend to add a bit of banana or berries and some chia seeds as well. Sometimes add whey protein for a boost.