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Why Al Roker is 'the Elton John of weather' and other things we learned from his Facebook chat

For nearly two decades, Al Roker has delivered the weather, the news and lots of laughs on TODAY.

He's also provided plenty of memorable moments in between, like "A-Team" monologues and costumes, and brand new memes.

Al took over TODAY's Facebook page Thursday to answer your questions! Here's what we learned:

Al's Facebook chat revealed his hopes, dreams and why he'll never be a Kardashian. Rebecca Davis / Today

1. If he didn’t have the TODAY gig, he’d at the kitchen  or drawing  table.

  • Carol Baier: If you didn't have your TODAY job, what would you want to do/be?
  • Al: I would want to be a chef and/or an animator. Love food and love animated cartoons. 

2. He’s keeping his day job.

  • Michele Lee: Hey Al. Would you ever do a reality show, like Keeping up with the Kardashians? They could call it Keeping up with Al.
  • Al: I would rather have steel spikes jammed into my head.

3. He keeps things in perspective.

  • Reneé Meléndez: How many pairs of glasses do you own? You seem to have a pair to match every outfit.
  • Al: About ten pairs. I'm like the Elton John of Weather.

4. One of his favorite interviews was with a civil rights legend.

  • Jennifer Stauffer: Hi Al!!! Thanks for always making me smile in the mornings! My question is what is your favorite memory of your career on TODAY? Thanks and have a great day!
  • Al: One of them was getting to meet Rosa Parks. What an honor and a thrill.

5. Why he won't be celebrating birthday milestones on TODAY.

  • Monica Bodkin: Will you take over Willard Scotts's birthday segment when he gives it up?
  • Al: Willard is the King. He never is leaving.
  • Natasha Rohela: Who is your idol?!? Who do you look up to the most and why?!?
  • Al: After my late dad, Willard Scott.

6. The secret to how he stays so darn cheerful!

  • Jessica Plum: What do you do to stay positive, motivated and to relieve stress with having such a busy work schedule yourself? You always have such a positive affect and good energy.
  • Al: I always remember my dad. Drove a NYC bus 8 hrs a day for 20 years. He was always up. Always positive. If he could be, I can be.

7. Why manners matter to him.

  • Tonia Burden Berry: It's apparent that you are a genuinely nice man. What pushes your buttons?
  • Al: Some days, nicer than others. Not saying Please and Thank You.

8. Al recalls his scariest moment at work....

  • Susan Tipton Brandon: What has been the scariest moment in your travels while broadcasting?
  • Al: During Hurricane Sandy. We got caught in the storm surge.

...and his funniest...

Matt and Al learn to luge

Feb. 15, 200606:23
  • Laura Lund Leilich: What's been your favorite Al and Matt moment? 
  • Al: The first Luge run in Torino.

9. He maintains his weight despite constantly being surrounded by food on the TODAY set.

  • Jacquellen Cicchetto: How do you manage to maintain your weight loss surrounded by all those food segments, etc.?
  • Al: Only take 1 or 2 bites.
  • Sarah Gonzalez: I’m so glad you had success with your weight loss. I was afraid of gastro bypass so I had the lap band put on …How did you do it? Aren’t you hungry or tempted with food? How do you get the willpower?
  • Al: Every day is a battle. But you take 1 day at a time, and don't beat yourself up if you don't have the best day.

10. Where he plans to spend his twilight years.

  • Rhonda Shane: If you were to retire solely based on weather, where would that be?
  • Al: The Bahamas, where it's always better.