Surprise! Hunter Hayes fan gets plaza proposal

Brittany Smith thought she was heading to New York to catch Hunter Hayes perform Friday on Rockefeller Plaza.

But, as TODAY’s Al Roker would announce on air, her high school sweetheart had a little “bonus” for her.

“I went to tell everyone that I love her,” Byron Letenbre proclaimed. "I want to spend the rest of my life with her.”

The crowd around the couple, both 21, erupted in screams. Letenbre then dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring.

A shocked Smith started nodding before Letenbre even asked the question.

“Brittany will you marry me?” he said.

Smith nodded again, this time wiping away a tear.

Roker wanted to make sure that Smith, who hadn't said a word on air, actually gave her beau an answer.



Once she confirmed she had, Roker instructed her to “give him a kiss!”

The Pleasant Valley, N.Y., couple, who have been together for nearly three years, happily obliged.

“We’re all verklempt,” Roker said.

Smith told the proposal completely surprised her. She thought she and Letenbre had arrived at the plaza at 5 a.m. simply to secure a good spot to see Hayes.

“I made out these little notes to try and pass around to the producers to see if they can fit me in somewhere,” Letenbre said. “And then somehow how they did it. They got it done.”

But first, he had to sweat it out for a few hours.

“I wasn’t sure if I was going to be put in or not, but five minutes before it happened they’re like, ‘You’re on at 8,’" he said. And the rest was TV history!