Start your engines! Help 'Turbo' take over TODAY

Tune in Tuesday to see the anchors race the "Turbo" snails on the TODAY plaza.
Tune in Tuesday to see the anchors race the "Turbo" snails on the TODAY plaza.Peter Kramer / Today

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By Lauren Sullivan

Anchors, start your engines!

Crews are working around the clock to transform the TODAY plaza into an Indy 500-style racetrack. On Tuesday, Matt, Savannah, Natalie and Willie will be joined by Ryan Reynolds, star of the upcoming animated film "Turbo," to compete in a race – between snails!

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The five competitors will play skee ball to move their snails up the side of Studio 1A.

Whose snail (details below!) do you think will win? Place your bets via Twitter using the hashtags #TurboMatt, #TurboSavannah, #TurboRyan, #TurboNatalie and #TurboWillie.


Matt is Smoove Move: A super-cool low rider with a blinged-out shell, Smoove (voiced by Snoop Dogg) has a unique perspective on even the craziest twists and turns triggered by Turbo's adventures.


Savannah is Whiplash: Before Turbo arrived on the scene, Whiplash (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) was the charismatic leader and reigning champ of the Racing Snails. To be part of Whiplash's crew, you must earn his respect. Unless you’ve won his respect, you'll never see the real Whiplash – a warm, jovial guy who treats his crew like family.


Ryan Reynolds is Turbo: Turbo dreams of being the greatest racer in the world and competing in the Indy 500. His obsession with speed has made him an outsider in the slow and cautious snail community. After a freak accident gives him incredible speed, Turbo embarks on an extraordinary journey to achieve the impossible.


Natalie is Skidmark: A master of trash talk, Skidmark (voiced by Ben Schwartz) is Whiplash's feisty No. 2. For Skidmark, no stunt is successful if it doesn't end with an epic wipeout.


Willie is Burn: Though she's the only female snail in the group of testosterone-fueled racing snails, Burn (voiced by Maya Rudolph) has no trouble holding her own. Sly and sassy, Burn hides her soft side under a hard outer shell.

Which snail do you think will win the race? Tweet your guess using the hashtag #Turbo500TODAY.


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