So long, Studio 1A: TODAY anchors get set for a brand new set

Rockefeller Center’s Studio 1A — home base for TODAY’s street-level set since 1994 — is about to get an ambush makeover!

The last Studio 1A renovation happened in 2006, and construction of a new set is about to begin. TODAY anchors are relocating to a temporary spot on Rockefeller Plaza until the new set gets unveiled in the fall.

Before Studio 1A gets a brand new set, the anchors took a look back at the great memories made there.

On Friday, they waxed nostalgic about their longtime center of operations.

“For the last seven years, from this desk, we’ve brought you the news of the day — those stories that have shaped the daily conversation,” Matt Lauer said. “This has been your seat to watch it all unfold — our daily front row seat to history, and yours.”

Savannah Guthrie continued the tour of Studio 1A, saying, “The interview area here in Studio 1A ... is the hot seat, the place where we got to meet the people making news — politicians, entertainers, living legends, everyday heroes. It’s a place where we’ve held people accountable and where we got a glimpse into the world around us.”

Great interviews with politicians and celebrities have taken place in the show's interview area.

Natalie Morales and Al Roker also reminisced about the “magical” and “unforgettable” moments they’ve experienced on the set.

A lot of great moments between the TODAY family and guests took place on the sofa area of Studio 1A.

“Through it all there’s been a lot of laughs,” Roker said. “And of course, much more to come.”