Snap! TODAY takes on Guinness for longest 'selfie chain' record

Selfies are all the rage right now, and the TODAY plaza is looking to ante up by breaking the record for the world's longest "selfie chain."

So what exactly is a selfie chain record? Guinness defines it as "the longest line of people taking self-photographs (selfies) with their neighbor in a relay fashion. The record is measured by the number of people taking part in the relay chain."

Check out the anchors' quick selfie chain below.


Want to try your own selfie chain? There are some guidelines, and they're not as simple as you might think. Here's Guinness' rules:

1. The photo must be taken with a smartphone or tablet held by the participant appearing in the picture

2. You cannot leave your spot in line once the selfie chain has started.

3. No retakes are allowed.

4. Only two people can be the focus of each photo, and the full face and neck of the participant(s) must appear in the picture.

5. The arm of the person taking the photo must be in the photo.

6. The picture must be in focus and sufficiently bright to recognize the participant appearing in the picture.

7. There can only be 60 second between each selfie

Think you've got it? Start a selfie chain of your own and send us your pictures on Facebook and Twitter using #SelfieChain! Here are some of our favorites: