A tat for Matt? Many TODAY viewers say #MattTattooYes!

A tat for Matt? 

On Friday TODAY’s Matt Lauer entertained the possibility of getting a tattoo. And many TODAY viewers think Matt should get inked.

During a discussion about whether men over 50 should get a tattoo, Matt quietly acknowledged “I’m on the fence” about getting one.

That was enough to light up the Orange Room: Tweets with the #MattTattooYes flooded Twitter.







Still, #MattTattooNo tweets did their best to be heard:







The talk started with Al Roker saying he had no desire to get a tattoo. Tamron Hall then chimed in: “You’re supposed to get it in your 20s and regret it in your 50s,” she said.

That’s when Savannah noticed Matt was “awfully quiet here.”

Matt quietly admitted: "I’m on the fence about that. Let’s move on," he said.

Too late! 

Heading+home+for+the+weekend+to+do+some+serious+"tattoo+thinking"! Never+say+never.


Here’s hoping that if Matt does get a tattoo, it will be a bit more discreet than the one he sported two years ago when he appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s former show, “Late Night.”

Should Matt Lauer get a tattoo? If so, hopefully it will be more discreet than the one he sported while appearing two years ago on Jimmy Fallon's "Late Show."Today