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By Danielle Brennan

Anything can happen on live television. But for Simone Jhingoor, her appearance on TODAY Thursday morning was not at all what she had expected. 

A huge fan of the show, Jhingoor thought she was going to be talking about her job, the Women's Housing and Economic Development Corporation. Instead, her boyfriend Chirag Shah dropped down on one knee and proposed to her live on TODAY on their four-year anniversary. 

Of course, he got a little bit of help from TODAY's Al Roker. He took the microphone back from Shah and held it close to Jhingoor so we all could hear the "yes" moment.

The surprise didn't stop there though, as Shah also invited their closest friends and family to be a part of the couple's special day. Unable to contain their excitement, the group celebrated the couple's new engagement by holding up a sign that read "she said yes."

No word on when the big day is going to be for the couple, but we wish them all the best!