Say what! Matt Lauer admits he's never seen 'Star Wars'

What?! @Mattlauernbc has confessed to NEVER seeing any of the Star Wars movies! #How #TODAYShow

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The official cast announcement for "Star Wars: Episode VII" came out on Tuesday and the social reaction surrounding it was huge. Fans were very excited about the news, including TODAY anchors Natalie, Savannah, Willie, Al and Tamron, who didn't hide their enthusiasm.

"Christmas will be next year," Willie exclaimed.

"Should we get in line right now?" Savannah eagerly asked.

Tamron revealed that "Star Wars" was the first film she ever watched, and that she went to see it as a kid with her church.

Matt, however, did not join in on the excitement. That's because the TODAY anchor has never seen any of the films from the the popular George Lucas franchise — not even a clip.

"I can't believe you've never seen them," Savannah said.

"I'm getting to it," Matt defended himself. 

"That's insanity!" said Tamron. "We're taking a road trip with you to the movies." 

No worries, Matt, the Twitter force is with you! Fans rallied to his side to say they, too, haven't seen the iconic films.








It's still hard for us to grasp Matt's big reveal, though, because he made such a convincing Luke Skywalker back in 2000 when the TODAY anchors dressed up as the cast of "Star Wars." (Check out Yoda Hoda!)

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But we're not going to hold it against him, because there's still time to catch up. The next film doesn't come out until Dec. 18, 2015. 

Have you too never sat down and watched "Stars Wars?" Tweet at us to let Matt know he's not alone!

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