Savannah to Leno: I almost trashed my engagement ring

The newly engaged Savannah Guthrie joined Jay Leno on the "The Tonight Show" Monday night, opening up about her fiance, how he popped the question — and how she felt when she momentarily lost her engagement ring.

Savannah told Leno that when she first got the ring, she wrapped a Band-Aid around it because it had been too big, but that she would often take it off because it bothered her.

One afternoon she noticed the ring was missing. Savannah said she was immediately filled with panic.

"I stuck my hand down the drain. It's like guacamole and bean dip or whatever, but no ring. So I open up the trash and start rifling through it."

What she found came as a relief. "Do you know, it fell out of a paper towel in the trash?" she told Leno. "So then I was like, 'Do I tell him?'"

"No, don't tell him. I think it would be wrong if he found out," Leno joked.

Savannah also opened up about how her fiance, Mike Feldman, proposed, admitting she wasn't even sure what was happening until he pulled the ring out.

"I really didn't recognize it as a proposal," Savannah said. "And then he came around the chair and got on one knee, and I still didn't think he was asking!"

"Boy, I'll tell you. Nothing gets by you!" Leno laughed.

"In retrospect, all the signs were there," Savannah admitted.