Savannah Guthrie: Be a 'food angel' to end hunger

Savannah Guthrie hopes that everyone can become a 'food angel' on World Food Day.

I’m wearing this T-shirt today to bring attention to World Food Day and Michael Kors’ #WatchHungerStop campaign. Sometimes it’s the smallest of gestures that can raise awareness about a situation that so many of us are in the position to do something about. Any donation of time, money, food — however small — can go a long way in the fight to end hunger. Here in the United States, we know that one in 5 children struggles with hunger. This is a problem whose solution is not distant or mysterious – it just takes our devotion, our will, and yes, our attention.

Recently, I teamed up with Feeding America and the Ad Council to create a public service announcement to raise awareness about hunger, and the little girl we interviewed for our initial story actually inspired a new ad campaign launched this fall. She imagined a “food angel” that would deliver food to all those who are in need. Today, I’m hoping many angels will do their part to fulfill her dream.

Ready to flex your wings? Here are 5 things you can do right now to help feed hungry adults and children: call Congressstart a virtual food drive, organize a food drive in conjunction with your local food bank, buy a cool watch (Michael Kors will donate $25, or 100 meals, from each sale) or give a meal ($1 equals 8 meals).