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Rock out! 30 songs keeping Natalie pumped for the Boston Marathon


Natalie Morales will check one thing off her bucket list Monday when she competes in the Boston Marathon as part of TODAY's Shine A Light series

Over the past few weeks, Natalie has interviewed survivors from the 2013 Boston bombings who persevered despite suffering critical injures.

Natalie hasn't competed in a marathon since giving birth to her two sons Josh and Luke, but she jumped at the chance to honor the victims of last year's tragedy. 

To keep her pumped up, Natalie has been listening to a lot of music. Here's her go-to marathon playlist. 

Go get 'em Natalie! 

As part of TODAY's Shine a Light series, a campaign to support worthy causes throughout the year, Natalie has chosen to shine a light on those still recovering from the horrific events of last year's Boston Marathon.If you want to help Natalie fundraise or donate to the One Fund or Challenged Athletes Foundation, visit her fundraising page at

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