'Rip Van Roker': Al oversleeps, misses a show for first time in 39 years

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By Matt Murray

It finally happened. For the first time in 39 years, Al Roker overslept.

In a tweet Tuesday morning, Al revealed that he had overslept, missing his show "Wake Up with Al" on the Weather Channel.



Of course Matt and Savannah couldn't pass up the opportunity to poke fun at the usually-prompt anchor, dubbing him "Rip Van Roker."

When asked what he used as a backup alarm, Al replied, "For 38 years I didn't need one!"

"We all start getting in a panic around here because we can set our clocks to when Al Roker comes in singing the 'A-Team' theme song," Natalie joked during "TODAY's Take." 

Al explained that he'd been up late with his son and "just overslept." 

Al isn't the only TODAY anchor to oversleep this week, as Willie Geist slept through his alarm on Monday morning, missing the opening segment of his other morning show "Morning Joe." Willie said it was the first time he's overslept in his seven years on the job.

Al and Willie aren't alone in oversleeping — and feeling the panic that comes with it. From missing practice to the first day of school, it can happen to the best of us: