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By Ian Sager

In an exclusive interview airing Tuesday and Wednesday on TODAY, Savannah Guthrie will sit down with President Barack Obama for a wide-ranging discussion at the White House.

Guthrie will talk to the president about the tensions in North Korea, gun control, immigration and the prospects of who will run for president in 2016.

TODAY’s previous interviews with President Obama have been spirited affairs. In June 2010, the president said he was seeking an "ass to kick" over the Gulf oil spill, and in the hours before the 2012 Super Bowl, the president spoke candidly about improving “as time goes on” in his role as commander in chief.

In 2009, Obama – then twelve days into his presidency – told Matt Lauer about the enormous weight on his shoulders as president, especially "having to sign letters for troops who have died and sending letters to their family."

That is “where you realize every decision you make counts."

In September 2012, Savannah sat down with President Obama as part of NBC News' Education Nation summit. During the interview, the president said he was frustrated at "teacher bashing" and renewed his call to transform schools that are under-performing.

Obama also admitted to Savannah that he "goofed off" too much in school.

"Malia and Sasha are are so far ahead of me, basically in all respects."