Pack like a pro? Share your tips for Savannah's travel troubles

While Savannah Guthrie should be a pro at packing her items for traveling, her husband Mike Feldman shares evidence to the contrary.

While flying to New York Sunday, Feldman tweeted a photo of a tangled mess in Savannah's purse, poking fun at her "system."



Savannah defended herself calling it her "purse filing system." We're skeptical. 

We think the TODAY anchor could use some travel tips for keeping things organized on the go. Send Savannah your tips and tricks on Facebook or Twitter using #OrangeRoom.

Here are some of your suggestions so far:

Karen Laird: Definitely ziplock sandwich bags. You can see through them and they fit everywhere.

Bonnie O'Shell: Straws for necklaces or cords. If the cord won't slide through the straw, slice the straw and let the cord lay in it.

Heidi Beaudoin: Used Altoids cases work great for earbuds, aspirin, small jewelry. Use your imagination. P.S. I used to be a flight attendant.