Ooh, goo! Natalie gets slimed Nickelodeon-style on TODAY

Oh Natalie! See where your kindness gets you? Slimed! 

What started as a harmless tweet from the TODAY anchor Thursday night was a sticky, green mess in Studio 1A by Friday morning. 

Natalie explained to Al and Tamron that she casually agreed with a fan on Twitter who thought she should get slimed on air ahead of next week's Kids' Choice Awards on Nickelodeon.



"Our producer says, 'Are you really into this, would you be up for it?'" Natalie told Al and Tamron. "Now we've got a bucket of goo in the back."



But Natalie's social politeness wasn't for naught. She directed viewers to her Crowdrise page to raise money for victims of last year's Boston Marathon bombing. Al and Tamron both donated $500 before they drenched Natalie with the slime! 

Lucky for Natalie's pretty dress, her shower cap acted as an umbrella.

"You missed me!" she squealed.

We hope you enjoy this, TODAY fans, as much as we did: