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On 'National Honesty Day,' Savannah reveals: I dreamed I kissed a TODAY co-worker

The TODAY anchors really took "National Honesty Day" to heart. 

On Wednesday morning during TODAY's Trending, Tamron, Savannah, Natalie, Matt and Al all revealed some truths about themselves.

Tamron: "My dream this year is to be a zombie on 'Walking Dead.'" 

Natalie: "I have a little bit of a shopping bug, and occasionally when my husband asks me if 'that's new,' I lie."

Savannah: "I have had a dream that I kissed a member of the TODAY show cast, who shall remain nameless."

Matt: "I hate the orange couch. It drives me crazy every time I sit on it."

Al: "I am extremely shy. I don't like crowds." 

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