Natalie: My sister tricked me into drinking pee

There's nothing like a little sibling rivalry — at least not like the one between Natalie Morales and her sister Patricia. 

During TODAY's Take on Tuesday, Natalie discussed childhood with Willie and Al, eventually telling an anecdote no one could have expected: Her older sister once tricked her into drinking urine.

"My older sister, we had had a big brawl ... she comes in and says 'Peace offering, want some lemonade?'" Natalie explained. "My older sister made me drink pee!"

Later in the morning, Patricia called in to the show to face her sister's allegations. How did she plead?

"No contest," Patricia laughed. "Natalie was always the young one and it was always me getting in trouble for doing everything."

Natalie admitted the two quarreled quite a bit as kids, but added that they luckily grew out of it.

"We had some big fights ... We were two siblings who did not get along, but now we love each other dearly... until today," Natalie joked. 

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