Michael Caine's playlist: The Lumineers, Sinatra and more

Rebecca Davis / Today
Sir Michael Cain chats with Kathie Lee and Hoda about the release of his upcoming film "Now You See Me."

After 60 years in the movie business and more than 100 films under his belt, Sir Michael Caine knows a thing or two about staying current. As if his roles in "The Dark Knight" trilogy and the upcoming thriller "Now You See Me," aren't enough evidence, just ask him about his music taste.

"For me, it's The Lumineers. I like that song ('Ho Hey')," Caine, 80, told on Tuesday. "The songs I like these days, I listen to with my kids."

In addition to The Lumineers, Caine is also a fan of fellow Brits such as Adele and Florence and the Machine.

"Any song by Adele will do. I love Adele," Caine said. "And Florence and the Machine — that first one she did, 'Dog Days Are Over,' is another one of my favorites."

While Caine is interested in contemporary artists, he is still a fan of the classics.

"My all-time favorite song is 'My Way' by Frank Sinatra," Caine said. "I'm a big Sinatra fan. We were friends. I knew him very well when I used to live in Hollywood."

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