Matt, Willie don't fall for Savannah's 'minty' April Fools' prank; fans share their top gags

It's April Fools' Day, which means you can't trust anyone — not even your co-anchors.

Savannah's April Fools' gag involved trying to get Matt and the gang to eat an Oreo in which the cream had been replaced with toothpaste. Tamron ended up with a mouth full of mint, but Matt and Willie weren't having it. 

Think you can do better? We asked for your best April Fools' Day pranks and you delivered. Check out our favorites from Facebook and Twitter below.

Jennifer Gallant: Put seeds in the keyboard of someone you know & work with and watch them grow!!

Jennifer Gallant / Today

Dina Kelly Thistlethwaite: I froze a bowl of water with a spoon in it. The next morning I put milk and cereal on the top. It was very fun watching my son try to figure out why his spoon was stuck.

Jim Tierney: My boss gave me a message to return a call to Mr. Wolf. When I did, I paid no attention to the business I had just called. When I asked to speak to Mr Wolf, the woman kindly explained, "Sir, this is the Sanford (Fla.) zoo, and someone has played a joke on you."

Melissa Jennings Winslow: At work, replace the bathroom scent spray with an air horn.





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