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Watch Matt Lauer and TODAY puppy Wrangler hang out with Meredith Vieira

Image: Wrangler the puppy, Matt Lauer, Meredith Vieira

Meredith Vieira welcomed two guests from TODAY to her show on Wednesday, with one of them clearly getting top billing. 

"I could not ask for a special or more adorable guest...Wrangler is here!'' Vieira said on the show, of TODAY's new puppy-in-residence. "Oh yeah, and Matt Lauer, too." 



"I could be totally naked right now and nobody would even know it,'' Lauer replied. 

During his last appearance on "The Meredith Vieira Show," Lauer was offered a green room that Vieira had jokingly trashed in advance. On Wednesday, he took a backseat to TODAY's new puppy when he entered a dressing room he thought was for him.

"Today I thought, 'Well, (Meredith) is over that, maybe she's turned four, but instead I walked into Wrangler's dressing room,'' Lauer said. "It had one little chair with a brush on it that I obviously do not need." 

Matt got his revenge by plastering her dressing room with pictures of himself and using the old "Saran Wrap across the top of the toilet" prank. Wrangler then curled up in his lap during a chat with his former TODAY co-anchor, who made sure she took all the precautions because the show was airing live. 

"We are live this week, so I want to make sure we have some Wee-Wee pads,'' she said before deadpanning, "Here you go Matt."

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