'Like a thousand tiny fingers!' Matt Lauer makes a splash with Sochi fish pedicure 

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By Matt Murray

TODAY's Matt Lauer has been more than willing to open himself up to the spirit of Russia and the Sochi Games, so when he heard about a fish pedicure, he had to give it a try.

So what exactly does the fishy spa treatment entail? You simply dip your feet into water tanks, and tiny, toothless carp begin to nibble at your feet's dead skin, allowing for a simultaneous pedicure and massage.

Matt initially hesitated about dipping his feet, but once he made the dive, he was glad he did. 

"It's like a thousand tiny fingers!" Matt exclaimed. "This is better than putting a quarter in that hotel bed. This is great."

Sounds like Matt might have a new dressing room request when he returns to Studio 1A next week? To that we say, "carp diem!"