Matt Lauer dances for Ellen, talks helping Martha Stewart date


Matt Lauer just can't stop dancing.

After showing off his skills on the plaza for PSY's performance last week, Matt once again dispelled the notion that he's not a dancer, busting out some serious moves for Ellen Degeneres on her show in an episode that aired on Monday.

He came on stage dancing after his introduction, and even waved Ellen over so the pair could dance together before finally sitting down to their interview.

"I didn't think you danced!" a surprised DeGeneres said.

"In my 17 years on the TODAY show, I have never actually danced, so this was kind of a television debut for me," he said. "But I do it for you."

Of course, Matt had already broken his "no-dancing" rule last week, when Psy appeared on the show Friday.

Lauer also told Ellen about his current effort to help Martha Stewart find a date through The domestic diva recently posted her online profile on the site, with the help of Lauer and the TODAY crew.

“You’re helping her meet guys now?” DeGeneres asked.

“No, that sounds a little like a pimp,” Lauer said.

“I wasn’t going to call you that, but you are,” she responded.

“That’s okay. I’ve been called worse lately,” Lauer laughed, explaining that he'd helped the mogul weed through her potential applicants.

Lauer said TODAY plans to bring Martha's potential dates on the show before the pair go out. "They’ll meet on the show, and then I think they’ll go out for coffee or something like that" he said.


Matt also revealed that during a trip to Texas to cover the dedication of the Bush Presidential Library last month, he received some good tips from former President George W. Bush about dealing with the kind of media scrutiny he's received lately.

“He said, ‘Don’t let the loud voices get you,’" Matt said of Bush's advice. "I think that’s kind of a lesson for all of us."