Mais, oui! Brooke Shields and Willie break out their French

Willie Geist shows off his French skills with guest host Brooke Shields

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Willie Geist has a way of getting his guests to bust out the language of love, and Wednesday morning it was Brooke Shields exchanging with Willie in something that sounded like French during her co-hosting gig.

The two were discussing a project in which people confront their "awkward years" through photographs at which point Willie revealed a photo of himself in a beret (which he admittedly got at T.J. Maxx) and making duck lips. Willie and Shields couldn't resist poking fun at the photo. 

"I'm too handsome, I'm too handsome in my beret," Shields said mocking Willie with an exaggerated French accent.

But we've learned that Shields actually can speak French. 

"I was a French major in college, so that's where that comes from," Shields told "Turns out my actual lineage goes way way back to French ... so I love to try and speak it."

Speaking faux French isn't the first time Willie and Shields have shown their chemistry during her week as a guest host on TODAY. The two hit it off right from the start, beginning with a joke about Shield's virginity that caught Willie off guard.

"I didn't know Willie at all (before co-hosting), but I feel like he's my brother or something. We're the same sort of height and we have the same sense of humor and I feel like I've known him before somehow," Shields explained. "I was just so relieved and happily surprised. I'm so comfortable around him."

Before Shields, it was Willie's buddy and partner in bromance Bradley Cooper who revealed his fluency in a second language when Willie surprised him by asking an question in French during an interview last fall. 

"So when is enough enough," Geist joked to Cooper in November. "Why don't you leave a little for the rest of us?"