Live from Studio 1A: Meet Lenny

Many of you long-time viewers have seen another member of our "family" here every morning on the plaza: Lenny.  We get more viewer emails about Lenny than any other member of our on-air team so we thought it would be nice to catch up with our Today Show superfan and give you the scoop.

Lenny has been coming to the plaza here at Rockefeller Center for thirteen years to see the show broadcast live.  You can see him every morning as the camera pans the crowd - he's the man in the hat who gives a thumbs-up to the camera.  Stage manager Dave Auerbach told me he's seen more people in the crowd ask him for pictures and autographs than any of our own hosts.  Check out what Lenny had to say when I caught up with him at 6:30 this morning.

What time do you wake up?

I wake up at 3:30 a.m.

Do you have breakfast?

No, I don't have breakfast, I don't particularly care for American food.  I have a nice cup of tea.

When did you start coming to the show?

I started coming thirteen years ago.

Have you ever missed a day?

Last year in December during the transit strike, I missed three days. 

What was the biggest challenge you have overcome to get here?

Well, the transit strike, definitely.  I was going crazy not getting here.

Why do you come?

It's my morning therapy - I'm retired now and it's something I do with my mornings.  My neighbors think I'm coming to work when I leave my house. 

What did you do before you retired?

I was in the military for many years. 

Where are you from originally?

I'm from England originally.  I came here about eighteen years ago.

Do people recognize you on the street?

Oh yes.  On the street, on the subway, everywhere. 

Do you have a top Today Show moment?

Yes.  Last year I got to chat with Tony Bennett.  That was my all-time favorite moment.

(Lenny, with the crowd, wearing a red cap. Tony Bennett on stage, far right)