How did Matt Lauer dress like a woman on Halloween? He wore this

Matt flashes the undergarment that allowed him to transform into Pam Anderson for Halloween Thursday.

You loved it, you were alarmed by it, you coveted his legs. 

Matt Lauer as Pam Anderson may be the best thing that ever happened to Halloween

But just how did he squeeze his bod into that iconic "Baywatch" one-piece? By using a very special product — a "magic tool" of an undergarment called "the concealer." 

"There's a little slice of heaven right there," Matt said as he wielded it at the anchor desk. 

"Tell me you washed that," said Savannah. 

He confirmed that he had. 

Matt's "concealer."

Jimmy Fallon roasted Matt's drag turn on his show Thursday night saying, "I just figured out Where in the World Matt Lauer is...My nightmares." 

And on Friday, special TODAY guest Michael Douglas chimed in with: "What a package!"