Hidden Heroes TODAY event Fan Pass FAQs

We've got all your big questions answered.

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We've got all your Fan Passes big questions answered for our Hidden Heroes event. Check out our FAQs below — we'll see you at the show!

On Thursday, May 23, TODAY's Savannah Guthrie is teaming up with Hollywood legend Tom Hanks to co-host an hour of TODAY, live from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!TODAY


How can I attend?

For security, only guests who have a Fan Pass will be admitted to this special broadcast event.

Fan Pass recipients will be notified about a week before the show and must arrive by 4:30am on the day of the event to be admitted. ID and printed confirmation is required at check-in. The event ends at 9am.

Are there age restrictions for concert attendees?


What can I bring into the concert with me?

Food, umbrellas, cameras and jackets are permitted but security reserves the right to decide what is brought in to the venue. You are not allowed to bring in chairs or weapons of any kind.

What should I wear?

We recommend dressing comfortably for standing outside for up to several hours for the duration of the show. You may want to factor in any clothing or accessories necessary for inclement weather.

Because the event centers around our military, red, white, and blue are encouraged.

What happens in inclement weather?

The event will happen rain or shine.

Can I leave the concert and re-enter?

For security reasons, re-entry is not allowed. Once attendees enter the concert area, they must stay for the duration of the show or until they decide to leave the premises.

Are there accommodations for guests with disabilities?

TODAY has a designated area for guests with disabilities at every concert. This section will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Each disabled guest may bring one accompanying person with them into the section; additional members of the party will be accommodated in the same zone if possible, but might have to stand in another section when capacity is reached.